Retail Olives & Olive Oil

At Penfield Olives we have made our olive oil, kalamata olives and retail olives available in a variety of different sizes and packaging configurations specifically suited to the retail sector.

Our retail olives are available in 380g and 1kg jars in a range of different olive varieties and processing methods including whole kalamata olives, pitted kalamata olives, sliced kalamata olives, jumbo green olives (blonde), whole green olives, pitted green olives, stuffed green olives and baby kalamata olives.

Penfield Olives Extra Virgin Olive Oil is packaged for the retail sector in handy 500ml, 750ml and 2 litre glass bottles. This is a unique quality, first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil that reflects the well known fresh and fruity characteristics of South Australia.

Discover the benefits of Penfield Olives finest quality Australian grown table olives and extra virgin olive oil:

  • Naturally cholesterol free
  • No additives or preservatives used
  • Growers network of approximately 50,000 trees
  • Quality sealed ensuring freshness and long shelf life
  • Fully accredited Australian company
  • Support Australian Primary Industry
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